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Home+ Bath+ Things In Between= Cross Comfort Essentials


Everything listed for home or personal use is made with all natural ingredients. From the bar soap made with paraben and SLS free bases, to candles made with unrefined beeswax or a coconut soy wax blend, the things you find here are made to be good for the atmosphere in your home, your body and your soul. 



Our goal is to help you cleanse your mind, body, soul and spirit when using our products, leaving nothing behind but your natural state. Natural products for the natural you. 




Please Note: We do use nut butters and oils  in some of our products and or some products may be made around items with other common known allergens (eggs, milk, etc). I am not a doctor and am unable to tell you if you'd have a reaction to these products, if you or someone you know has an allergy, please keep this in mind when purchasing items. 

House Plants and Candle


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